Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

Hi there, this is new!

hello everybody,

i'm not really sure how to start this out to be honest. i have had two blogs in the past which i have kind of abandoned and now i'm finally making a fresh start with this one!

my others blogs were mainly about fashion and a bit of lifestyle but this is supposed to tackle a much bigger variety of subjects. i have collected a lot of ideas over the last months - yes, i have been planning this for quite some time - which include articles about subjects that interest me, photos of me and photos by me, fashion, music, arts, tattoo and body mods and so much more.

i haven't been active on blogger for ages and i also haven't even really used a computer for ages since my laptop broke in may 2015 and after that i didn't have one for half a year. and then, when i finally had a new one, i just didn't use it! i have no idea why. maybe not having one just kind of cured my addiction, or maybe i knew that i'd forgotten how to do half the stuff that used to be so easy, i don't know. like going to the gym after not going for like 2 years. which i have also experienced.
it's probably just because i'm a procrastinator and a perfectionist at the same time, and i wanted everything about this to be so perfect so i just spent all that time planning it all out in my head. it still won't be perfect - or near to perfect - obviously, especially since i'm actually having a hard time doing the simplest things right now, i'm currently learning how to work a laptop again, haha. this is so stupid.

anyway, i will try and make something cool out of this, please don't be put off by this wonky start!

hope to see you soon!


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